Gynecological Physiotherapy Service In Dhaka

Gynecological Physiotherapy is a subject of physiotherapy focused on taking care of the woman’s genital location and other nearby regions which might be affected in unique moments for girls, including manual therapy, pregnancy and childbirth.

 This field of physiotherapy gives a quality of life to girls of all ages to cope with various unique movement and posture issues. Girls’ fitness physiotherapists cope with sexual health, bladder and bowel issues, and pelvic floor muscle strengthening. They commonly have considerable knowledge of the hormonal and neurological worries unique to the woman’s body. A few women’s health physiotherapists become further specialized as pelvic floor physiotherapists, generally assisting new mothers to deal with pelvic pain and get over pregnancy and childbirth.

Physio Zone health professionals provide the best services to their gynecological patients. Our health care professionals are experts to give services to patients with pelvic pain and obstetric patients. visit our hospital if you need treatment by physiotherapists.

What does Gynecological Physiotherapy treat?


·         Urinary Incontinence (Stress, Urge, Mixed)

·         Dysmenorrhea/Pain During Menstruation

·         Dyspareunia/Pain During Sexual Intercourse

·         Post Menopausal symptom

·         Post Surgical Condition (Breast & Uterus Surgery)

·         Pelvic organ Prolapse (Uterine Prolapse)

·         Physiotherapy in obstetrics

Gynecological Physiotherapy Services In Physio Zone


Physiotherapy For Urinary Incontinence

One of the most common dysfunctions in women is urinary incontinence, which can occur from multiple causes. Among them, we can spotlight terrible postpartum healing, bad each-day conduct, excessive weight benefit in pregnancy, very long or short delivery at some stage in childbirth, etc.

Among 40 and 60% of women have urinary incontinence after menopause, even though the reasons often come from the preceding years of maturity.

With gynecological practice, particular strategies may be carried out to stabilize or even accurate these pathologies that worsen over time and significantly affect the great existence of ladies, each on a private, social and mental stage.

Treatment of Sexual dysfunction

The pelvic muscle mass plays an essential position in the sexual life of every girl. Some sexual problems, together with anorgasmia, dyspareunia, vaginismus, and vulvodynia, can be dealt with by physiotherapy because they have a bodily origin.

Physical Therapy during pregnancy

At some point in pregnancy, a series of modifications take region within the lady’s frame to deal with the brand-new being this is being shaped. From time to time, this can result in minor imbalances, aches, pains, and so forth, usually within the areas of the pelvis and legs. There may be tons that a specialized physiotherapist can do to alleviate those discomforts in destiny mothers.

Recovery after Delivery

After delivery, the mother’s frame should recover as fast and exceptionally as possible. There may be physical sequelae, each via pregnancy and with the aid of childbirth which could affect the abdominal wall, the backbone, the pelvis, muscle mass, and organs of the pelvic ground.


Unfortunately, the go back to normalcy that is typically accomplished is insufficient using conventional gymnasium sporting activities that create too much belly anxiety, facilitating the advent of pathologies, along with prolapse, urinary incontinence, coccydynia, terrible recovery of episiotomy or cesarean segment.


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