Neurological Physiotherapy Service

Neurological physiotherapy service needs patients with neurological conditions, such as movement and functional disorders caused by impairments affecting the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system.

Neurological rehabilitation increases the quality of life of people who have neurological conditions. It is one of the most dangerous diseases for a human being. Any neurological condition causes sudden death by damaging the blood vessels. But physiotherapy is the most accurate treatment for this problem. Physiotherapy treatment will increase the physical conditions of the patients. There needs some extra medical care for patients with neurological injuries.

Dhaka physio Zone earned the number two position for its advanced technologies, treatment plans, and experienced team. Their medical knowledge will give you a healthy lifestyle. their physical therapy, exercise therapy, pain management, fatigue management and treatment program will improve the patient’s health condition before discharge from the hospital.

Which Types of Neurological Conditions Need Physiotherapy

Neurological problems—or sicknesses of the mind, backbone, and the nerves that join them—affect hundreds of thousands of human beings every 12 months. Moreover, many people don’t even understand they have a neurological disorder.

Understanding symptoms of neurological disorders is important, as it may lead you to seek medical attention, which may result in the right prognosis and powerful treatment. Let’s speak about the most unusual neurological disorders we see and key methods to discover everyone.

  • ·         Stroke or Head Injury
  • ·         Traumatic Brain Injury
  • ·         Multiple Sclerosis
  • ·         Parkinson’s Disease
  • ·         Spinal Cord Injury
  • ·         Balance and Mobility Issues
  • ·         Difficulty in Walking

Benefits Of Neurological Physiotherapy

Many sufferers with neurological conditions warfare with a lack of range of movement or feature, muscle weakness, and reduced stability and stamina, which may significantly affect their daily exercises. Neurological physiotherapy stimulates the anxious machine through diverse sports and sports to improve strength, movement, balance, and coordination. Now not most effective does neurological physiotherapy assist with a patient’s mobility-related issues. Still, it additionally enables them to gain a better outlook and self-belief in their situations by way of improving their average fine of life through:

  • ·         Higher balance and coordination
  • ·         Improved taking walks
  • ·         Optimized function on affected regions
  • ·         Extended stamina and persistence
  • ·         Multiplied energy and much less tension in affected muscle groups
  • ·         Decreased contractures
  • ·         Optimized independence

Neurological Physiotherapy Team In Physio Zone

Experienced and caring physiotherapists

Our crew is devoted to continuous mastering by effectively training to improve skillsets and understand modern-day evidence-primarily based practices.  they arrange different types of exercise programmes to improve patients’ muscle strength. 

Treatment Of Individuals

The remedy is carried out through one-on-one care and customized to your circumstance and dreams. Our physiotherapists will work collectively with you by assessing your circumstance and providing innovative assessments at some point of remedy.

Accessible clinics

We are available 24 hours in seven days a. Visit our hospital at Uttara in Dhaka.

In-Home Visits

You can also take advantage of our in-domestic sessions in case you are not convenient to depart your house. Our home visits are available for sufferers in Ottawa and its surrounding areas.

1. Consultations

If you have any confusion, You can book a free consultation .Your initial consultation will be 30 minute in duration.

2. Check Up

Our physiotherapists will provide you with some checkups before we begin the therapy.

3. Treatments

Get outstanding Physiotherapy Treatments with physiozonebd

4. Recovery

We are constantly concerned about your Recovery.

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We provide the satisfactory and most effective physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and all sorts of medical services offerings utilizing present-day physiotherapy technology and proof-based scientific exercise with the aid of a specialist Neurological physiotherapist. You could also take our in-depth care at home; however, you’ll pass over to the health facility centres. So allow your appointment for the best neurological physiotherapy services in Dhaka.

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