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Pediatric Physiotherapy is the physical treatment for children with different types of complex conditions. Pediatric physiotherapists understand well that children are very other from adults. These health professionals have terrific expertise in normal child development and how this pertains to frame structures and capabilities.  

While pediatric physiotherapists use among the accepted abilities of physiotherapy, they use different talents and education in the discipline of development and increase the treatment of toddlers through to teens.

Physio Zone is one of the best physiotherapy Centre in Uttara, Dhaka. Our pediatric physiotherapists understand how to care for children. They try their best to provide the best physiotherapy services for children.

Some Common Padiatric Conditions

There is a selection of motives that a child may additionally require bodily therapy services. Some may be orthopaedic, regarding weak muscle tissues or tight tendons. Other problems may be developmental or neurological (nerves and brain).

Commonplace diagnoses that may require pediatric physical remedy might also include:

·         Cerebral palsy (CP)

·         Developmental delay

·         Torticollis (neck in a twisted condition)

·         Sports or play-related injuries

·         Autism

·         Toe walking

·         Spina bifida

·         Muscular dystrophy

·         Hypotonia (muscle weakness)

·         Down syndrome

Goals Of Padiatric Physiotherapy Treatment

Desires of remedy focus on additives of the global classification of Functioning, disability, and health (ICF). This is executed by addressing ache control, enhancing strength and patience, and imparting the mastering possibilities for skill acquisition. Mainly that of participation and interest in overall performance.

Follrelatives-centred relatives-centred Intervention and Early prognosis version, a pediatric physiotherapist will work in a group to treat an infant. This crew will include a circle of relatives and different fitness specialists. These experts are paediatricians of paediatricians, neurologists, nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, play therapists, pharmacists, nutritionists, teachers, and so on.

Benefits Of Padiatric Physiotherapy

·         Improves posture and integrates reflexes of toddler

·         Makes movement simpler via schooling with more traditional patterns of activities.

·         Improves gross motor abilities.

·         Improves functional mobility.

·         Improves muscle balance and muscle energy

·         Improves balance and coordination.

·         Improves variety of movement.

·         Improves muscle tone.

·         We progressed with gait/gait schooling.

·         Addresses breathing problems.

·         Assists in addressing studying difficulties.

Even as it needs to be noted that the advantages of physiotherapy are many, there may be little high degree maintaining evidence for this.

 Some Common Padiatric Treatment In Physio Zone

1.    Bobath technique: this is a neurodevelopmental treatment method used to enhance Developmental Sequences, Inhibition of strange styles, and facilitate of everyday posturmanipulationate

2.    Motor getting to know: It is beneficial in treating infants sufferings from cerebral palsy.

3.    Conductive education technique: a rigorous remedy that concentrates on all aspects of life. That is performed with the aid of a ‘conductor’ who constantly oversees the child’s interest.

4.    The Margaret Rood method: This approach uses superficial and deep stimulation and includes manipulations to activate or inhibit motor pastime.

5.    The temple fay approach activates everyday action patterns using sequential developmental motion.

6.    The Doman-Delecto technique: This approach allows the dormant significant frightened gadget of standard sequential developmental motion patterns.

7.    The Kabat – Knott – Voss approach: Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation uses functional motion styles.

8.    Urotherapy: furnished by way of a physiotherapist focusing on continence problems. Those therapists focus on treating bowel and bladder troubles via pelvic floor muscle training, neuromodulation, way-of-life modifications, and behavioural change.


This feasible, play-primarily based remedy is incorporated to inspire the kid and enhance functionality.


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